One Off

Venomously flavorful

601 cigars can do anything they want. It’s true – just check out some of Erik Espinosa’s past work. From the straight-laced Blue and Red Label, to the wild Wasabi, Espinosa is a font of great ideas, and today, we’re checking out his most recent blend: 601 Snakebite. Dismiss this cigar as a gimmick and you’d be dead wrong, my friend. Snakebite is the newest premium offering from Espinosa’s La Zona factory, and it’s good. Damn good indeed.

Up front with 601 Snakebite you’ll find a deep, dark Sumatra wrapper leaf that’s been aged to perfection. Joined by binder and long-filler grown in the rich, volcanic soils of Esteli, Nicaragua, it’s no wonder this stick packs so much flavor. You might be expecting a powerhouse blend here, but it’s actually more of a medium-bodied morsel. Flavors of buttery smooth spice match up with leather and dark espresso to deliver a complex and enjoyable ride.